American Express Trainwreck

Since the launch of Apple Pay in the UK, there has been a new focus on contactless payments and excited consumers are increasingly reaching for their iPhone whenever they see the contactless logo. Along with contactless payments, Apple Pay has also brought a new way for iOS users to make payments to retailers in apps without having to enter all their card details. However, American Express cardmembers who have added their cards to Apple Pay are quickly discovering that it’s not as quick and easy as they’d hoped; finding difficulties in many places that they expected their cards to work.

HSBC & First Direct now on Apple Pay

Today HSBC and subsidiary First Direct have joined the Apple Pay party. As of this morning customers have sucessfully been able to link their credit and debit cards to the service. It’s not all been plain sailing though, with some customers reporting problems activating their cards.

Myths on Apple Pay Limits

When it was announced that Apple Pay would finally launch in the UK, every media article discussing the launch has contained a misconception about the limit to which Apple Pay can be used. I’d like to clear this up.

Welcome to Contactless Life

Welcome to Contactless Life. You can find out about the blog and what I’m trying to do with it over on the About page, but in short this is a blog for those who are excited about new payment technologies like contactless and Apple Pay, and want to see more retailer adoption in the UK.